HORMOZGAN Power Distribution Company (HEDC) in the province as a joint - stock company established on March 02, 1993 and during the 1954 number is registered in the Companies Registration Office and industrial property. And the last charter companies in the electric power distribution companies, law enforcement Independence was adopted on September 18, 2007 and this date is independently TAVANIR subsidiary and affiliated companies . the Energy Department is continuing its work and the main center (Staff) in Bandar Abbas, IRAN, Islamic Republic of Olives is located next to the residential area of ​​activity present in the breadth of the company's 66,539 square kilometer area includes 11 named parts one and two of Bandar Abbas, JASK, MINAB and SIRIK, ROODAN,HAJI-ABAD, PARIAN, LENGE, KHAMIR and ROUDAR,QESHM Island ,BASTAK is left .DOE standards comprises the scope of its activities at high voltage and medium voltage.